Professional Experience

Strategical & Tactical

Think. Plan. Act. Observe. Adjust.


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 Digital Strategist &  Senior Copywriter 

As a digital strategist within a fractional CMO Agency, Rachael served as a Senior Copywriter and Digital Strategist to 7 mid-size companies representing $5-$15 million each. Learn More


Director of Marketing For Nonprofit Fundraising

While serving as Director of Marketing for a nonprofit, Rachael led teams to produce fundraising campaigns and content initiatives representing over $3 million in new annual revenue. Learn More


Independent Marketer

Rachael gained tactical and technical experience during the eight years she worked as an independent marketer. Learn More


Founder & Executive Publisher Texas LIVE Magazine & Media Company

At the age of twenty-five, Rachael leveraged her book of business to build a publishing house and digital media company. Rachael led distributed teams to develop and produce a top-selling printed publication, an online blog network and content marketing services.  In a period of 7 years her small but mighty team built a valuable book of business which attracted the attention of an investment group. Learn More


Direct Sales & Team Management

Rachael began her career in direct B2B and B2C  insurance sales where she learned the art of prospecting, consultative selling, asking for referrals and establishing ongoing client communication. Here, she learned to recruit top talent, build and manage strong sales teams. Learn More